Our Players

Over time we have had many players come through our program and experience many winning moments at tournaments.

At a junior level in Australia tournaments are graded as Platinum level (the highest), Gold, Silver, Bronze and White levels. Beyond the junior tournaments in Australia we have AMT’s (Australian Money Tournaments) which are also graded like the Junior Tour. ITF tournaments are for players all over the world (International Tennis Federation). And ATP and WTA tournaments at various levels where a ranking at this level places you amongst the like of Roger Federer and Serena Williams!

We have our ‘Honours List’ here of players who are in, or have been, in our coaching program (or coached by us) and their highest level of achievement in these tournaments.

Honours List

Nicholas Opasinov

Name: Nicholas Opasinov
Birth year: 1996

Nicholas has been coached by us since before he was 10. Nick has had an ITF ranking and was also out first ever player to win a tournament at Platinum level by winning a National Title in singles and double in Sydney, 2011.

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