Hot Shots Leagues

Our Hot Shots League is run on Sunday afternoons. Players are placed in teams of 3 and play matches up to 4 games.

The Hot Shots League is an ideal way for young players to learn how to compete fairly against one another without the pressure of regular Saturday competition.

Hot Shots Lessons

Hot Shots Lessons

Our Hot Shots lessons are run at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Suitable ages are from 4 years (in some cases 3 years) to 10 years of age.

Hot Shots lessons are based around participants learning the FUNdamentals of tennis in a group environment. Basic movement, stroke production, racquet skills and rallying are the main themes of these sessions.

Tennis Camps

We run various camps and clinics throughout the school holidays to complement our term coaching programs. This helps to keep kids active in tennis for longer periods of time and offers some new opportunities.

Tennis Squads


Squads are a great competitive learning environment! They run for 1½ and 2 hours depending on standards. The main emphasis of squads is tactical play and putting participants in certain situations and having them explore various outcomes.